31 May 2011

Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

Hooray! Shabby Apple is such a lovely company, that I'm sure you've all heard of already, their dresses are so cute and modest, and absolutely perfect for summer. I absolutely love their white dress collection! They even have a maternity dress section, which is seriously adorable. Make sure to checkout the Shabby Apple Facebook page for special promos and info!

This giveaway is for the 'Ahoy' dress - which is SO cute! I can vouch for this myself, since I go to try it!
Here it is on the model:

And here it is on me:

I love this dress! You don't need to wear a cami or slip under it, because the fabric is thick. BUT, it is still very light and airy so you won't burn up. It's definitely flattering. I'm not the size of the model, (I actually have hips and a stomach), and it still looks cute. The color is a bit darker than shown in the pictures on the website as well. The cute blue bow actually snaps on, so you can wear the dress without the bow or add your own belt if you'd like!

One thing you need to be careful with when ordering from Shabby Apple is the sizing. Most of their dresses 'Fit Generously,' which means they run VERY big. I usually would order a medium in most dresses (or a size 6), but got an extra small in this, and it fits well. I'm 5'0, and the dress hits me right below my knees. 
So, if you order from them make sure to order at least one size down from your normal size!

In this giveaway everyone is a winner, because you all can use the following promo code to save 10% off, on any purchase! SO great!
The code is: BellaVita10off
it expires in 30 days so make sure to take advantage soon!

In order to enter to win the 'Ahoy' dress:
you must be a resident of the continental United States!
Leave one comment to enter
*Followers of Una Bella Vita get to leave an extra comment, for a better chance at winning!

Gooooood luck!
I'll pick a winner, via random number generator, on Tuesday June 7th.

Julia is our winner! Congrats!


30 May 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday & Happy Memorial Day to all you Americans!
I hope you all have a lovely day, spent with family and friends, remembering all the brave heroes who have served our country. Here are some fun things to brighten up your day:
I want to eat this right now....so pretty and yummy!

Haha, I had no idea other people did this too!!

I wish I could jump inside Haleigh's life sometimes! I feel like she lives in a movie (a very pretty, parisian one!)

I found the male version of myself on tumblr....no really. I looked through the first five pages of his tumblr and found the following things: scripture, lord of the rings, stars, book shelves, tuscany, albus dumbledore, cs lewis, forts, tea, donald miller & mumford and sons...all things that I love and adore.
mind. blown.

I wish I could pull off wearing a bazillion butterflies in my hair, like this girl.

This is the COOLEST thing ever. (Disney fans - you will love it!)

NYC's smallest studio apartment...I'm waaaay too claustrophobic for that!

SO glad I'm not the only one who thinks this sometimes...

I love this as a wedding band!

How to transform your closet into an office - this is seriously cool! (but where do my clothes go??!)

Nicole is seriously AMAZING, check out The Friendship Bracelet Project! (more info here, such a lovely, simple, and powerful idea!)

I literally bought FIVE (5) of these shirts today.... I mean, why not? They were only $7.50 too (yay for memorial day weekend sales!)

I am a little freaked out by how much this guy looks like Matthew Goode.
(I actually thought it was Matthew Goode when I reposted that picture on tumblr!)

 I wish I was as clever as the people who thought up this, and this.

Little things that make life lovely.

My Favorite Movie Scenes, Pt 8

james bond, casino royale

29 May 2011

why I love colin firth: reason 827363

not gonna lie, a man who reads (a lot) instantly has my heart. I think that's why I've always loved (okay, LOVED) Jess. (Hopefully some of you will know who I'm talking about before clicking that link...)
see reason # 82762 here

24 May 2011

Seville, Spain

Cathedral of Seville
 Seville, Spain
I am so fascinated by this (seriously, I've been looking up pictures for the past hour)! The courtyard houses dozens of orange trees and is just absolutely breathtaking. This reminds me of all those pretty trees they put in Westminster Abbey for the royal wedding...I wonder if Seville was their inspiration!
Anyway,  I have GOT to see this myself someday!
Photo by city of delusion., on Flickr

23 May 2011

Happy Monday

I have so many fun things I want to share with you all - I decided to do a link post (a la exPress-o)! Maybe this will help you all enjoy your Monday just a little bit more.

I love this cute and spicy card!

 this sweet necklace would be lovely to surprise Mom with

The Hobbit is currently being filmed!! AHH!

I'll be looking at this in person, in just a couple weeks!

I will definitely be trying out these DIY painted glass jars

A simple and pretty wedding dress

Coolest book shelves ever

Peter Pan & Emma pencil sets!

My secret ambition is to learn to play this

Is it weird that I read this post over and over again? I just love it!

I would fly across the country just to go to the LA Flower Market

On that note, I have finally decided on my favorite flower: rananculus.

Happy Monday! 

21 May 2011

 "To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are."
 "You are the only person on earth who can use your ability."
-Zig Ziglar
 "Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong."
-Peter T. Mcintyre
 "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."
-Eleanor Roosevelt
 "A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her." 
-David Brinkley
 "We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies."
-Roderick Thorp
 "If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price."
-Author unkown
 "Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality."
-Les Brown
"The things we hate about ourselves aren't more real than things we love about ourselves."
-Ellen Goodman
Beautiful photography by Spencer Fields