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    Sheet metal stamping solution processor

    Sheet metal proofing / Small batch production / Die stamping / Welding assembly

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    +86 0769-89134931

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    Application field

    Medical instruments

    Various blood analyzers/Protein analyzer, etc.,CT/DR machine, etc.


    Financial equipment

    All kinds of deposit and withdrawal machines/Money Counter/bill sorting machine/Slot machines,Non-cash terminal equipment


    5G communication case

    Various IU/2U and other cases,Signal transmitter and receiver,Computer case, etc.


    Office equipment

    All kinds of printers, copiers, fax machines, shredders, etc


    New energy vehicle

    New energy vehicle battery pack/auto parts/safety seat/CAR DVD, etc


    Smart home appliances

    All kinds of automation equipment/robots/smart home equipment


    Aerospace and military equipment

    Military computers and chassis for aircraft components


    About us

    Dongguan Zhicui Metal Products Co. , Ltd. focuses on high precision/high difficulty precision sheet metal parts processing, products are widely used in many fields. Such as medical devices, field of financial instruments, print copy machine field, 5 g communications chassis……

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    Sheet metal proofing / Small batch production / Die stamping / Welding assembly


    +86 0769-89134931

    +86 13144919113

    Our strengths

    Originality and excellence

    • Free technical support

      4 structural engineers are on hand to provide solutions/processes/quotations

    • Fast delivery

      A variety of processing equipment, the fastest half day delivery

    • High machining accuracy

      High precision processing equipment, high level of processing master

    • One-stop comfort service

      A variety of materials, a variety of processing techniques, a variety of surface treatment, from proofing to small batch to die stamping

    • uality guaranteed

      Each process level check the accuracy, after the full inspection before delivery

    • Quick response

      6 business engineers on call 24 hours a day

    Production equipment

    The company introduces the latest type of optical fiber laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, exclusive customization of super large working table oil press and other production equipment, the production of high precision, fast, stable quality, can flexibly and quickly cooperate with customers'R & D proofing and small batch production. Is your preferred OEM manufacturer and incoming processing manufacturer.


    Treat each customer sincerely, win-win cooperation, create brilliant

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