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    Company Profile

    Dongguan Zhicui Metal Products Co. , Ltd.

    ● Professional
    Professional production of various precision sheet metal parts, which are widely used in many fields. Such as: financial equipment (ATM movement/currency detector/sorting machine, etc.), printing copiers, medical equipment, communication cases, digital home appliances, liquid crystal displays, robots, automation and testing equipment, electric power equipment, military equipment, car audio and video and Navigation, auto parts, all kinds of shielding covers, etc., are good at producing all kinds of special-shaped convex hulls and special complex shapes. The products are sold well all over the world by many customers and are highly recognized.

    ● Excellent quality
    Zhicui company has introduced the latest type of optical fiber laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, pressure riveting machine, rotary riveting machine, welding machine, exclusive customized large table surface oil press and other production equipment

    ● Diversification
    Zhicui company commonly used materials are electrolytic plate, galvanized plate, cold-rolled plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, various grades of copper alloy, tinplate and so on.
    Orders can be made in the form of hand proofing/mass production/die stamping, or with customers to do single section processing, such as laser cutting, CNC bending, welding assembly, etc.
    The resources around the company are concentrated, the whole town of Qingxi can gather more than a thousand complementary nature suppliers, can provide customers with a variety of one-stop services.

    ● Sincere
    The company casts the high-quality goods by the technology, wins the customer by the quality, spreads the word of mouth by the customer, always insists in the steady wins the development road.
    Corporate culture: responsibility, professionalism, high quality, innovation and pragmatism.
    The whole staff as one, unity, to provide customers with high quality sheet metal parts quickly, help customers quickly occupy the market.

    Product seminar
    Product seminar

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